I am here to inform you on the painful and horrifying events of having Chicken Mites. To explain My experience  of having Chicken mite’s and what  going through this ordeal has done to my life, and how to hopefully make you feel better if you too are going through the invasion of these parasites , Sharing  how I am coping while going through the worst time of this infestation, an trying to get rid of these parasites. Everything we have learned has been from searching diligently on the internet, finding a little bit here and, a little bit there, but nothing in one place. Hopefully here on How To Get Rid of Mites, you will have enough information to walk you through a process of eliminating them.


How it Started

My husband and I love animals,we have chickens, ducks, dogs rabbits, and a Parrot named Joe, and in 2014 I got sick and got fired from my job, while Mark (my husband) was at work I took care of the animals, it was in the early spring the chicken hatched out a several eggs and it was still cold outside, well me being me, and my husband being him, brought them in the house so they would survive.

When those 8 got big enough to go outside and be ok in the cold, there were more, and again we brought them in the house. I noticed that one or two of the chicks were sick so; I nursed them best I could feeding them with eye dropper,and giving them water with my fingers, I wrapped one in a towel and laid it on Chi-chi and Chicksthe couch beside me, but it didn’t make it.

When the others got big enough to stand the cooler weather we took them out and put them in the pen with all the others.

It wasn’t till about a month later we fell asleep on the couch watching a movie, and I was awakened by the feeling of something crawling all over my face and in my hair, got up shook myself off, it stopped, so I sit back down, and got to watching the movie again and fell asleep, then it started again the crawling in my hair, on my face, my arms, it was awful. Got up went and took a shower, Mark (my husband) ask me what was wrong, and I told him, ask he felt anything and he said no.

We turned the TV off  went to bed, I fell asleep and woke up again, this time it wasn’t just something crawling it was something biting me, felt more like a pin prick,(and some were very painful), got up with a few curse words and took another bath. I noticed these little red spots all over my chest. So I just stayed up. The crawling and biting continued the rest of the night, I wound up taking several baths, to no avail.

After The First Night 

4 thoughts on “Where it all began

  • When I was a kid we had a small flock of chickens, about 12 in all. That we had to eat the ticks such out of our yard. Well, my grandfather had to kill and burn the chicken coop because a dan infestation of mites. Your article hit home a little bit, That was probably one of the saddest days in my life, because of mites. Great Read!

    1. Hi Sean
      Thank you for visiting us today, I can’t bring my self to make my husband kill the chickens,they are his pets. know this sounds crazy but he loves his animals, once had a turkey that would follow him all over the yard. For some reason the mites don’t affect him so he really doesn’t understand what it’s like, but come this spring if he doesn’t get rid of the chicken house I am going to burn it.I have already gotten rid of so much in the house, an it is sad, but once they have taken over there is just nothing else you can do, thanks for the understanding VickiG

  • Wow another great article! I love reading your stuff, the passion really shines through in your writing! Consider me a fan!
    I personally don’t like or care for mites. I wish we could kill them all. What negative effect do you think that could have on the environment though? Sometimes the bad things in life are a springboard to something good.
    That’s my two cents. Thanks again for the great read! I will keep an eye out for your future stuff!

    1. Thank’s you for looking at my site am trying to put things in order so people will understand this is a real issue, It’s hard when no one will listen to you or just blow you off and tell you they are not real, or you have delusional parasites. Hope fully this will help people be able to get them under control and give them a little peace in their lives Thanks again for looking VickiG

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